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BEWARE OF SOLICITORS ASKING FOR CASH DONATIONS FOR THE FIRE DEPARTMENT:  Boise Fire Department does not solicit, nor do they make phone calls asking for donations, especially for the fire department burnout fund.  Beware of anyone who calls saying they are asking for money for the fire department.  Boise Fire Department's fund-raising activities are all public events in which there is no solicitation by phone or door-to-door.

ICE ANNOUNCEMENT AND PRECAUTIONS:  As the temperatures hover close to freezing, areas of ice in ponds around Boise and on the Boise River remain a dander.  Do not attempt to walk on the ice.  If your pet becomes trapped in the water, please call 911 and let Boise Fire Department's dive team take to the rescue.  They have the knowledge, training, and the proper tools to make a successul rescue without injury to any person.  Just being in water for five minutes can cause hypothermia in a humnan.  Let safety for yourself first be your guide when near ice.


Note:  All fire stations are accessible on the Fire Station Location Link.  Just click it, and the stations page will come up.  For now, you can select Stations 1-4 from the drop-down menu to bypass the page.  I will eventually have all of the stations as a drop-down choice, and the option to look at the complete list of stations with addresses and station pictures.  Thanks for your patience.

Pictured Above:  Engine 10 is a Spartan Gladiator FF chassis mounted on a Boise Mobile Equipment  body with pump by Waterous.  This was the last of this group of 4 engines delivered with this type of cab (with the roll-up medical drawers) and the last of the Spartan/BMEs to be purchased.
The Apparatus of the Boise, ID Fire Department
Engine 11


A volunteer fire department was formed for fire protection in the growing city of Boise in 1876.  Because of fierce competition between the three different departments, in 1902, the city council voted to abolish the volunteer fire services and create a city-operated service.  This became the Boise Fire Department.

The focus of this site is to highlight the apparatus, both past and present.  Boise has, I think, the best apparatus in the country, and these apparatus change through the years and will into the future as Boise grows even more than the current 415,000 service area, as well as surrounding communities such as Meridian, Kuna, Star, and Eagle.

Welcome to this site.  If you like (or love) fire apparatus, this site is dedicated to those who have helped with the information.  I have taken all of the pictures on this site.  I hope that you enjoy the apparatus pictures as much as I enjoy the apparatus. If you have any questions, please let me know on the Contact Form.

Note:  If you are wanting to schedule a tour, please contact the respective station you would like to tour and talk with the captain, or call the Administration Office to schedule your tour.  This site does not have the authority to do such scheduling.

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